Daily Archives: February 7, 2009

The white stuff


Well, there’s no prizes for guessing that we’ve got snow along with most of the rest of the country, or that’s what it feels like, and it’s not that I’m a grump but snow seems to create so much extra work and after almost a whole week of it, and more forecast, I’m really tired.

We live on a very steep hill and have been snowed or iced in every day since Tuesday. The sheep are all very feed up, the chickens and ducks are standing around looking sorry for themselves and we’ve had to bring the cows home and have a vet out to Sunshine who just isn’t herself. Primrose is very cross that she’s been bought in and is shouting at any and everyone who walks down the road just to make sure everyone knows just how unhappy about it all she is and tries pushing her way out pass you whenever you go in with food or water.

The outside tap has frozen up so we’re filling watering can after watering can of water in the bath and carrying it out through the house to get water to everyone.

I started off the week enjoying it but it’s just so tiring now.

Feeding time at the cows the other morning, very short as my barreries ran out