Bringing home the bacon…

Rhys finished making bacon today.


The joint was saved from a couple of years ago when we last had pigs (or maybe it was last year? Seeing as we’re almost at the end of this year it might have been last year, feels a lot longer ago though) for making bacon with and a couple of weeks ago we were given a meat slicer.

He loosely use a recipe from Creavive Living Forum and they all said it tasted very good.

2 responses to “Bringing home the bacon…

  1. Does that mean you saved the joint in the freezer and have now turned it into bacon. We have just slaughtered our pig and have so much meat that I want to do things with – bit too little time at the moment.

    Cheers – Rosie

  2. Hi again – I just want to say that the comment on our blog was written by Simon, not me, and he thought it was a wind up from a friend, because Poppy is one of our dogs and he always writes under a pseudonym. I assume you meant which type of pork sausage ie sage, apple, leek etc. And in answer to that question …. I don’t know yet but we have a lot of dried sage and a fair few apples that are not storing too well.

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