Half way through November…

Already, things still don’t feel like they’ve slowed down in any way yet. I’m sure when I was younger winter felt slow and long, and summer felt busy and alive.

I’m back at work now after having a week off, things aren’t slowing down there either. Christmas is now upon us, then it will be the new year, then Easter, then the May Bank Holiday’s, then summer…

Everyone’s been taking it in turns to be ill, so far I’ve managed not to be and, touch wood, won’t be.

It’s all very double edged, part of me is drained and tired, I’ve even learnt how to turn my alarm off in the mornings without being woken up, and wants to stay in bed by the fire reading and watching TV and the other part of me wants to keep going, wants it to be Christmas and then spring and kidding and have done all the things I had planned for the winter and be doing them.

It’s just finding the energy after work.

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