Special little packages

My seeds arrived this morning! I now have all the carrot seed I should need for next year, and a few more and notice it didn’t say all the carrot seed I want, I have:

3000 Little Finger seeds, 2000 Flakkee (giant carrots) seeds, 1000 “Jaune du Doubs” (yellow carrot) seed, 500 Atomic Red seeds, 400 Cosmic Purple seeds and 300 Dragon, daucas carota var. sativus (purple Carrot) seeds 

All but the Little Finger and Flakkee are not F1 so I might be able to try saving some seeds from them, I’ve read a little bit about saving carrot seed, I can’t remember any of it, but I don’t think it was too hard to do.

I also bought 15 “Golden Nuggets” squash seeds, they are a very pretty pink and white colour, 12 “Little Gem” winter squash, pretty little black squashes and 10 “Celebration (F1)” winter squash seeds, the squashes for these are really pretty..

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