Buttermaking Film

I’ve finalloy managed to load the film of making butter on to YouTube, I’ve had to make the file a lot smaller than I wanted to but I think it looks OK.

Butter Making

3 responses to “Buttermaking Film

  1. Just watched this – it’s fab! I would love some commentary though; such as how much cream? (I take it it was cream?) you began with, how long you blended it for and why you kept pouring water through the butter.

    it was awesome though; thank you for sharing!

    I bet it tastes great – was it goats butter?

  2. Thank you for the feedback, very useful…

    The amount of cream was as much as wouldn’t slop out of the Kenwood bowl when we turned it on with the K beater, you mix it until it ‘slips’ when you end up with what looks like scrambled eggs in watered down milk, what’s called butter milk, it should take that long 10 – 15mins or so, but I have tried using single cream before and that took over an hour.

    Then you drain the butter milk, wash the butter through to get rid of as much of the butter milk as possible as it gives the butter a sour taste and means it doesn’t keep for as long.
    Keep pouring water through the butter and ‘working’ it until the water comes out completely clear and then shape it.

    It was made using Primrose cream.

  3. Interesting!! Lovely video! Is that a sheep or goat browsing?!! 🙂

    I didn’t know you were supposed to get the buttermilk water away & rinse it, thanks!!

    I think we made it in the food processor ages ago when I was still a little girl!!
    /don’t think we rinsed it but we only made a little bit and kept in the fridge and used up soon.. maybe sometimes we froze it when we got homemade butter from other people../

    How long can you keep it if you rinse it, and do you keep it in the fridge or…?

    would like to make it again so Mrs Green pointed me here!! 🙂

    I saw a bunch of other methods on YouTube, really inspiring!!
    (a guy just uses food processor, for rinsing too!! and a Slovenian guy just uses a glass for pickling, the barman-shaking way!! strangely enough, he doesn’t rinse either..)

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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