Daily Archives: September 3, 2008

September LETS Meeting

Last night was the September LETS meeting, I still don’t have another car sorted but mother took me.

It looked like it was a very busy meeting, there was a mix-up with the times for it, the newsletter had said 6.30 but the Yahoo group reminders had said 7.30, so I ended up being late and didn’t ‘trade’ that much.

I did get a load of veg though, a carry bag of potatos, runner beans, a bag of peas (mostly purple podded, I must look up what typy they are), some TVP, horseradish vinger, a rain poncho, purple sprouting and a bunch of sweetpea flowers. I’ve also got a load of old clothes for trying patchwork and have arranged to go and see a load of wood that might be suitable for building another goat house.

Autumn give away

It’s apple time of year again. We don’t have any apple trees of our own but each year we always seem to be given some, people just don’t use them anymore, and we know where all the ‘wild’ ones are locally.

One of the volunteers at work bought everyone in a bag yesterday and today there are crap apples on freecycle, which only two people have asked for and that’s me and my mother!

Apple pie and cakes are lovely in the winter, and apple cake is a really good packed lunch food as well.