Daily Archives: August 28, 2008

Here in spirit

Well, lately my blogging has been very patchy to say the least, partly because it’s summer and that is a very busy time of year for us food producers, add to that the fact that for the past 5 weeks I have been working two part-time jobs (I don’t know how I ever managed to do anything when I worked full-time… yes I do I just didn’t) and it makes it an extra busy time of year and then added to that is the joys of computer problems, I think it has been re-formatted twice now, maybe more, blogging has just not proved to be an easy task.

But I have been here in spirit, which I hope makes up for it a little bit, and have even been making lists about what I wanted to write about each day in the hope that I would be able to (apart from the fact that I have lost both lists) up-date everything. Now that the school summer are almost over I should have a little bit more time so will be able to write more.

In season this week #6


artichoke | aubergine | beetroot | broad beans | broccoli | carrots | courgettes | cucumber | fennel | french beans | garlic | kohlrabi | leeks | mangetout | marrow | onions | peppers | potatoes (maincrop) | radishes | rocket | runner beans | sorrel | sweetcorn | watercress | wild mushrooms


blackberries | blueberries | damsons | figs | grapes | loganberries | melons | nectarines | peaches | pears | plums | raspberries | tomatoes


duck | grouse | guinea fowl | lamb | rabbit | venison | wood pigeon