More freecycle

I was working today but have had quite a busy freecycle day as well.

There was a want post a few days ago for someone who wanted jars for pickling so I arranged that she could have some of the boxes full of jars that I got from LETS a while ago. Not all the jars are suitable for what I want and what goes around comes around doesn’t it? We’d meet a few times, during the winter I often offer sacks of manure on there and I often ask for sacks as well. Work is half way between both of us so we arrange to meet there, she bought me some sacks she’d saved for me and I bought her the jars.

I also asked for a rabbit hutch a few miles from work and got it. It’s a really good hutch and looks like its hardly been used.

Also, yesterday on the way to picking the chicks up me and Mother picked up some soap nuts from Mrs Green, very interesting looking things.


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