Daily Archives: August 16, 2008

More meat chicks

Five weeks ago Mother ordered some more Ross Cobbs, the lady in Gloucester needed a minimum order of 50 chicks and as we’re only have 30 we were going to have to wait six weeks but she would let us know if any became available sooner.

Well she did get some sooner so me and Rhys now have 30 chicks in the brooder in our room.

The lady who sales them is in a very odd place in Gloucester, on the edge of a disused business estate, but I guess that just proves the point that you can go some way to producing your own food anywhere.

Potatoes and mushrooms

It’s my day off today, I got up this morning and got distracted by the vegetable garden on the way down to the goats (in the end Rhys went and feed them instead) one of the boxes that’s had potatoes growing in it was looking very empty of plant so I pull at one of the old steams and up came a load of potatoes! I then of course had to sit there, digging around on the top of the box, with my bare hands as there just wasn’t time to go and get something else to use of course, fishing out potatoes. They look really good.

The box that they came from was meant to be Christmas potatoes for last year but they didn’t come through until the spring. We’ve never really grown potatoes before, as we eat LOADS of them we were never going to grow enough to last use but next year I have a plan……

Me and mother also found some ‘penny bun’ mushrooms just outside the garden