Weddings & LETS meeting

Me and Rhys are going away for a few days for a friends wedding, it’ll be my first time driving on the motorway. We’re going to make them a hamper as a gift again, this time I will try to remember to take photos before giving it away, but they’re going on honeymoon for a couple of weeks so we’ll make it up and take it to them when they get back so nothing goes off or gets wasted.

I sorted out loads of things to take to the LETS meeting that was tonight but there was still things to sort out before going tomorrow tonight so I didn’t end up going, it’s a shame as I was really looking forward to it but the next meeting is in my favourite pub so I’ll make sure I go to that one.

2 responses to “Weddings & LETS meeting

  1. I am hoping to make hampers as Christmas presents this year. Do you have any recommendations for what to put inside?
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. alifelesssimple

    I’ve been doing homemade/grown food hampers, the last one included pickled quail eggs, homemade mustard, homemade mustard mayo, lemon curd, shortcake, chocolates and a joint of meat.

    I’m planning on doing the same for Christmas but thought I’d include homemade soap, a herbal mix that you mix with shampoo and it makes your hair really shiny, bath bombs (if I ever manage to work out how to make them) possible a peg loom mat. There are lots of things.

    There is a forum thread about making girt baskets

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