The Silly Things I Do

Somehow, buying rice crispy cakes doesn’t fit into my idea of ‘the simple life’, these ones didn’t even have chocolate in and you could taste it.

Homemade ones are fine, but bought ones just shouldn’t fit into the picture. Hopefully blogging about it will mean next time I’m not so temped. I really need to get better at making sure there are things at home that can be taken into work as lunches.

One response to “The Silly Things I Do

  1. well now I feel better for some of the ‘mistakes’ I have made too. Convenience gets in the way of our best plans sometimes 😉

    I tend to make things like this when I’m doing Sunday lunch. The oven is on already and I need to be around, so I just stand and make batches of shortbread or similar to stick in the freezer (well that’s the intention; usually they get scoffed before they get there!).

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