In season the week #3

Not at full list as I’m late posting this and next weeks list has already gone up, but the weeks biggy is: artichoke

Along with; peas, potatoes (maincrop), radishes, rocket, runner beans, raspberries, redcurrants, strawberries, tomatoes, lamb

Thank you Eat the Seasons!

One response to “In season the week #3

  1. Our artichokes are only ankle high (grown from seed this year) – but next year….OH, wait until 16th July next year…I will be feasting on them.

    …and our lamb isn’t quite ready yet either, we grow ’em slow to be extra tender. Probably 18 kilo dead weight at the moment, would like them a bit bigger and older. Perhaps next month for the first one off to the butcher.

    Great blog BTW – don’t know how I managed to miss it.

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