Wedding Gifts

Some friends are getting married tomorrow, as a more personal gift me and Rhys are making a ‘food hamper’ including shortbread (muma’ making), chocolates, mustard and garlic mayo, mustard, lemon curd (muma’s making), pickled quail eggs and a joint of ‘homemade’ beef

3 responses to “Wedding Gifts

  1. Good food – the basis for a long and happy marriage in my view.

  2. What a great idea for a wedding present. There’s nothing like sharing good food with the ones you love.

  3. That’s lovely – I’m sure your gift was well received.

    I once made a couple some ‘sensual’ toiletries – a room spray, massage oil and hand cream – they were really pleased with it and asked me to make more when it all ran out!

    Yours was a beautiful gift to share 🙂 How do you make chocolates?? I had a go at truffles once, but they were awful. Then I found a cheaty recipe that works brilliantly.

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