CSA Meeting

This evening I went to a meeting about Community Supported Argiculture and the possiblity of setting something up locally. I hadn’t heard of CSA before but there is a very good one in Stroud which is quite local.

“There are many different ways a CSA can be set up .  It all depends on the decisions of the people forming the membership.   One way is for a group of people join together and form some sort of association.  They find some land and employ a grower to grow their veg.  So the income generated by the members pays for the land rent, wages and seeds etc.  In collaboration with the grower the members make the decisions about what they would like to have grown. It guarantees an income for the grower and food for the members.   In some CSAs around the country meat and poultry are also raised, and the farm has become a resource for the community having open days and harvest festivals when people can come and bring their children to get involved in seeing how food is grown and have some fun. 

The CSA s are very individual because each one is controlled by its’ members so they decide how they want to run it and what they would like to happen.”

A local farm has offered some land that could be used for something and I think it would be really nice to have be involved in a like minded group.

It was a really good meeting and I’ve put my name down to be on a steering group

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