Everyone has a little bit to do

I’ve never really had a good opinion of McDonald’s, they’ve always been up on my list of ‘greasy company’, and so I was really suspired to find that they hold a Good Egg Award.


The Good Egg Awards seek to recognise companies that are making a difference to the welfare of laying hens by switching to cage-free eggs. Through this latest initiative, we celebrate companies that are helping to improve the lives of farm animals through their selling and purchasing decisions and thereby aim to encourage others to follow suit.’”


McDonald’s uses appox. 81 million eggs per year and so around 300,000 hens benefited a year from the company buying non-caged eggs.

One response to “Everyone has a little bit to do

  1. Wow – I’m not a fan of McD’s either, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

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