In season this week #1

Rabbits is top of the list this week.

Vegetabeles: artichoke,  aubergine, beetroot (lots in)  broad beans (yuck!) broccoli, carrots courgettes, cucumber, fennel, french beans, garlic (still waiting for them to turn brown) kohlrabi, mangetout, new potatoes, onions (mostly gone to seed) peas (we are harvesting these!)  potatoes (maincrop) (waiting for them to finish flowering, last year Christmas potatoes) radishes (yuck! No one at home will eat them), rocket, runner beans, sorrel, spring onions, turnips, watercress.

Other than peas we’re also picking kale and salad.

Fruit: apricots, blackberrieser (wild ones still flowering here) blueberries, cherries (already picked and eaten) gooseberries (none at home but lots at the LETS meeting last night) kiwi fruit, loganberries, melons, raspberries (wild bushes still all covered in green fruit) redcurrants, strawberries (some already over, other lot not quite red) tomatoes (still flower with some green fruit)

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