LETS Meeting

Tonight I mangaed to get to the LETS (Local Exchange Trading System, there is a link to the main site on the side) meeting, I’ve been a memeber for just over a year now and have only ever got to one meeting and that was a year ago.

Last month I planned to go to the meeting straight from work but got in the car and drove home and only remembered I had planned to be somewhere else at about 9 o’clcok at night.

Any way, it was a really nice evening out, very smiliar to a carboot or local market only with more people talking. I ‘bought’ a jar of raspberry jam and some baskets and ‘sold’ two jars of homemade mustard and a plastic bag peg loom rug.

One response to “LETS Meeting

  1. I love to trade when-ever I can. The last trade was a bag of outgrown boys clothes for a row of raspberry canes. I find it so satisfying (and can’t wait to harvest the raspberries).

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