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News stories

This morning I saw a really interesting story about the decline of the UK bee population and how this will effect food production. Basically we might not have any bees left in 10 years time, which will have a huge knock on effect on food grown in the UK. I can’t even begin to imagine a world where you couldn’t just grow you own tomato, it’s just far to weird and scary an idea.

I’ve looked everywhere for the news story to add a link and find out a bit more but can’t find find one, even on the breakfast website which is where I saw the story.

Another story I recieved this morning by email:

“In the 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him to a rope in an art gallery, starving him to death.
For several days, the ‘artist’ and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful ‘masterpiece’ based on the dog’s agony, until eventually he died.

But this is not all … the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American  decided that the ‘installation’ was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008. ”

There were some very sad and up-setting pictures with the email too, which I’ve choosen to to post as I just don’t want to see them everytime I log on, and a link to sign a online Petition


Ok, I haven’t been doing very well with up-dating with what I’m been doing lately, but I’ve been doing LOTS.

Last week I was on a course (which I passed!) in Gloucester, as it was £12 a day for parking and £12.50 for a weeks bus ticket I was getting the bus in and out each day, which doesn’t leave much time for anything other than travel in the day. It was all very strange really, and a little bit sad. I’ve only been a car driver for just over a year now so use to get the bus all the time but a remember it being a lot more friendly, with everyone knowing each other, where as on the bus into Gloucester NO-ONE speaks other than to ask for their ticket. I hope it was just because it was a main rount into the ‘city’ and that the little country bus are still nice.

Any way, here are some photo’s I’ve collected of some of the things we’ve been making:

I should have put a hen egg in this photo just so as you could tell how truely massive it was but I didn’t think of that until after I’d pickled it, the egg came from Buttons cage on a day then we didn’t get the extra egg. Since then there has been just the two from that house but one is always bigger than normal quail eggs.


Pickled quail eggs, the big one is near the top of the jar

Paper pots and seed planting, when I was in Gloucester I went into the 99p shop and bough loads of salad and sweet-pea seeds


And yesterday was my birthday (but we’re not having until Sunday) so we had pizza, fat bread, one lot with cheese and onion in and another with cheese, marmite and onion in, a sweet chilli dip sauce and cake for dinner (thank you for the cake Jane!)

The cake got a bit eaten before I got a photo

Simpler Times Village

I came across this on someone elses blog, Simpler Times Village, sounds like a dream.

Wonder if it’ll ever get built

I’ve been taged

Jo from the FFarm Dairy tagged me, it’s my first time!

What I was doing ten years ago: I was 11, almost 12, ten years ago. I think I spent most of the summer out in the woods building bases. My first goat was about a year and spent most of her time with me, my brother, sisters and friends where-ever we were. When I wasn’t outside I spent lots of my time writing stories and letters as I’d decided I wanted to be a writer. It all seems like such a long time ago, when it wasn’t really.

My to do list for today: This weekend I’m off and I’ve need a list for the whole weekend instead of a big long list for both days (it’s always very disapointing to get back to work on monday and still have things left on list)

  • Fix chicken house nest box (which I’ve done!)
  • wash bedding
  • catch up on letter writing and some paper work
  • clean out enpty goat house
  • plant potatoes
  • going food shopping (done)
  • Do baking for lunches in the week
  • Watch Dr. Who (I missed it but Rhys remembered and video it for me)

On top of all that there’s the normal day jobs like looking after goats and chickens, etc.

Snacks I enjoy: Crisps have to be top of the list, then things like fried egg butties, chips and mayo, cheese and marmite sandwiches and cheese with pickle.

Things I would do if I were a BIllionaire: Give up my job and buy a small-ish island, that was big enough to grow most of my own food with a wooded area and leave it all behind (but take my family.) I wouldn’t want anything fancy just enough room to be left to get on with living ‘the simple life.’

Three bad habits: Not planning enough, rushing from one thing to the next, being to bossie, not being able to see the other persons point of view. Not sure that they’re really ‘habits’ but they’re the stuff I get annoyed at myself for… er, maybe not so much seeing things from other peoples point of view, after all, if everyone would just do things my way when I tell them too… LOL

Five places I’ve lived: Cambridge until I was about 6 months old, a village in Herefordshire, another village in Herefordshire, where I am now and a small flat in a local town 4 miles away until I lost my job and moved back home. Which was a good thing as the flat would driven me mad.

Five jobs I’ve had: Two waitress jobs, trainee at the local radio station and then a ‘normal employee’, a six week soul destroying job at one of the local business parks sorting and scanning files and my current job at the local museum and thats my whole employment history.

 Five people who write blogs that I’d like to tag: Jo and me seem to read all the same blogs so she’s already got all the ones I would do (Jo, if only you could have stuck to five to give me a chance LOL) so here are a few others I read:

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And lastly Rhys David

Plastic bottle green house

This looks amazing…

Bottle Greenhouse


Baked Bean and Sausage Casserole

This is one of my favourite meals, mostly eaten with jacket potatoes.

(in our house we never measure anything out, just work out how many people will be home for dinner and guess from there)

Chop and fry some onion with black pepper and mixed herbs until the onion is soft, add tinned baked beans and tinned tomatoes (two tins of beans for every tin of tomatoes) mix together and add soy sauce to taste.

Cook the sausages first and them either add them to the casserole and let them stand for a while to mix the flavours (it tastes best like this) or serve the casserole as it is with the sausages (useful if like in our house there are veggies and meat eaters.)

It’s also really nice reheated on toast for breakfast.

Remembering the past

The 2001 foot and mouth outbreak was a very important time in my life, it was the most unpleasant time I have ever been through but it has played a big part in shaping who I am now and what I believe in. It was a truly horrible time for many, who like me probably had their blood run cold when they heard the news of last years outbreak, but for me good did come from it and that is why I wanted to add these links to here so as hopefully other will know and understand a little better.

Sovereignty Visit

Warmwell memorial service

White world

Well, it did snow today, three times. I woke up this morning and the world was white, then the sun came out and it all was melted by 10am-ish. Then it snowed again this afternoon but didn’t settle and it’s snowing again now, a lot. So I’ve stayed in as much as possible and watch Eastenders.

I flipped through a local free magazine as well, it has a recipes page with a recipe for leek and potato soup, something that I cook often, and it said that its cooking time was 2 – 2 1/2 hours! 30 minutes more like. No wonder people think they don’t have time to cook meals anymore. Very sad really, I’m sure that so many more people would get much more enjoyment, and goodness, from their food if they just knew how simple it was to make really good food in hardly any time at all. People and food is one of my pet peeves, can you tell?

Egg laying

Just like chickens quail make an egg laying noise as well, it’s a sort of low whistle.

Last night I came into the room just as Button started to make her noise, there was an egg behind her that I picked up, it was still warm and a little bit sticky. Then I heard a light tap noise from behind her. She’d laid another one!

I had started to think that I had got the sex of the male wrong in that cage has there is often one too many eggs for the number of hens in there. It’s amazing really when you think of how big they are that they have room for more than one egg inside them at a time, let alone two.

Too busy for computers

I haven’t really been near a computer for almost three days now, the weather has been really nice for the past two days and I’ve been off as well so I’ve been catching up with lots of outdoor jobs.

It’s been really nice as well, Thursday me and Rhys spent the morning cleaning out goat housing and tiding up the pen, then had lunch and while eating I put some beetroot to pickle, then we cleaned out an old chicken house that hasn’t been used for a while as the floor had come out of the nest boxes, fix one of the goat house walls*, sawed up some old pallets for the wood stove and had a bon fire to get rid of some of the rubbish. Friday we carried on with fixing the chicken house and moving things around to fit everything in better and did some other little jobs like picking up animal feed for the weekend, collecting hay, etc. and today we’ve just pottered really as it hasn’t been as nice and has tried raining a few times.

Yesterday morning I got up and was rushed out to our last ewe to lamb this year, she had been pushing for a while and shouting a lot because the head was a little bit big to come out on it’s own, but a bit of lambing jelly and a helping hand and she was find, as was the lamb. The lamb has spent today with a dirty face as each time he feeds the ewe has pooed on him, nice. We had a ewe, not the same one, last year who did that has well. 

Muma tried dying some wool with the beetroot water, it hasn’t come out to badly.

And as wordpress seems to be letting me up load pictures at last, here’s the one of the quail with the ross cob chick (who are now even bigger):

I’ve got another day off tomorrow and then I’m on a course for most of next week. It’s meant to snow, but it was meant to be showers the day before. I’m not a fan of snow, it makes all the animals grumpy and it’s been really nice the past couple of days so hopefully it won’t but it does sort of feel like snow and there was a pickieness to the clouds tonight, so we’ll see what it’s done in the morning. It would be really nice to have another day outside before starting the working week again.

* Last year we took on a resuce goat who’s kid had died as it hadn’t been feeding, the goat, Sam, was completely gutted and spent the whole summer shouting at any newborn lamb or goat kid. Not long after she arrived the goat in the house next door kidded and she head-butted her way through the wall to see if it was hers, it was very sad to see her like that. Last autum she was re-homed and this year she had twins, one of each, and had enough milk for both of them! After the mess her udder was in when she came to us we didn’t think she would ever milk from one side again and we weren’t sure about the other side, but she is doing really well so a happy ending.