The good and the bad

Today has been a mixed day.

I had an interview this afternoon for a local sessional play ranger job, I applied for it last month and I’ve been really hope I’d get it. It sounds like a great project to be involved with and is only just starting in the area. I got the job!

My birthday pressie from Rhys also arrived, a laptop, so I can now start writing sat on my bed which is where I do my best thinking. Having things on computer might mean that I finally do something with ‘it’ (short stories, etc.) instead of just having it all in different note pads.

This evening I found my youngest sisters cat, she’d been missing for a few weeks and we’d all been hoping that she would just turn up but she was under my bed dead, which has put a nasty tint on things this evening. Poot wasn’t our oldest cat but she must have been 12 years old now, it is better to know what has happened then not though.

3 responses to “The good and the bad

  1. congrats on the job.

    sorry to hear about the cat. it always hurts. As you say it is better to know what happened, rather then to always wonder.

  2. oh bless, sorry to hear about the kitty. But at least you can put your mind to rest now. Cats like to go somewhere dark to die, I imagine she probably just went there and got on with it, no trauma, no worries, just like going off to sleep. Cats just know.

    But congratulations on the job – really hope it’s all that you hope it’ll be 🙂

  3. Oh poor you, and your poor little sister. Like you said though, at least you know. One of our cats went missing in the mist one day about three years ago, and we never knew what happened to her. So yes, better to know, but you must all feel awful.

    Also, congrats on the job!

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