I’ve been taged

Jo from the FFarm Dairy tagged me, it’s my first time!

What I was doing ten years ago: I was 11, almost 12, ten years ago. I think I spent most of the summer out in the woods building bases. My first goat was about a year and spent most of her time with me, my brother, sisters and friends where-ever we were. When I wasn’t outside I spent lots of my time writing stories and letters as I’d decided I wanted to be a writer. It all seems like such a long time ago, when it wasn’t really.

My to do list for today: This weekend I’m off and I’ve need a list for the whole weekend instead of a big long list for both days (it’s always very disapointing to get back to work on monday and still have things left on list)

  • Fix chicken house nest box (which I’ve done!)
  • wash bedding
  • catch up on letter writing and some paper work
  • clean out enpty goat house
  • plant potatoes
  • going food shopping (done)
  • Do baking for lunches in the week
  • Watch Dr. Who (I missed it but Rhys remembered and video it for me)

On top of all that there’s the normal day jobs like looking after goats and chickens, etc.

Snacks I enjoy: Crisps have to be top of the list, then things like fried egg butties, chips and mayo, cheese and marmite sandwiches and cheese with pickle.

Things I would do if I were a BIllionaire: Give up my job and buy a small-ish island, that was big enough to grow most of my own food with a wooded area and leave it all behind (but take my family.) I wouldn’t want anything fancy just enough room to be left to get on with living ‘the simple life.’

Three bad habits: Not planning enough, rushing from one thing to the next, being to bossie, not being able to see the other persons point of view. Not sure that they’re really ‘habits’ but they’re the stuff I get annoyed at myself for… er, maybe not so much seeing things from other peoples point of view, after all, if everyone would just do things my way when I tell them too… LOL

Five places I’ve lived: Cambridge until I was about 6 months old, a village in Herefordshire, another village in Herefordshire, where I am now and a small flat in a local town 4 miles away until I lost my job and moved back home. Which was a good thing as the flat would driven me mad.

Five jobs I’ve had: Two waitress jobs, trainee at the local radio station and then a ‘normal employee’, a six week soul destroying job at one of the local business parks sorting and scanning files and my current job at the local museum and thats my whole employment history.

 Five people who write blogs that I’d like to tag: Jo and me seem to read all the same blogs so she’s already got all the ones I would do (Jo, if only you could have stuck to five to give me a chance LOL) so here are a few others I read:

KTB – A History of Me

Not a Proper Farmer 

Green Twins Mum

Six Home Ed in Kent

And lastly Rhys David

2 responses to “I’ve been taged

  1. Hi Poppy! (I love your name!) Thought I would reply here in case you forgot to ever go back to my blog comments section to see if I replied!

    I used to live in Gloucestershire (Fairford), but moved up here to Scotland at the end of 2007. I completely forgot to update my location on Brit Blogs. 😮

    You should definitely give knitting another go – one of the things I love about knitting is that there’s a huge online community of knitters out there, and there’s always someone who can help you out if you get stuck! If you ever feel like giving it another go, I’d be happy to give you some links to places that I go to when I need help, or if I’m just looking for something new to make.

    Glad I came across your blog too, things sound pretty interesting at your end what with the quail and goats and chickens and things! Sometimes we see quail wandering about here, but mostly it’s just pheasants. Pheasants are everywhere up here! Red squirrels are pretty common in this part of Scotland too, and they are so adorable. I’ll have to try and get a picture of one some time.

    Anyway, have a great day!

    – Steph

  2. Well, if you’re looking for some nice patterns, there are some lovely ones at Knitty.com – they come out with new patterns every few months – check out the archive for all the old patterns too!


    If you’re ever stuck on anything, there’s a wonderful site that covers pretty much anything you’ll come across as a knitter, and it has really good videos, too:


    Anyway, if I had to suggest just one site, it would be Ravelry.com. I can’t tell you what an amazing site this is for knitters! It’s basically everything you need – it has an enormous pattern database and has information on just about everything knitting-related, not to mention that there are forums and lots of ways to meet new knitters on there. The only thing is that it’s a fairly new site and is still in testing, so you have to sign up to get an invite before you can see everything on there. I don’t think you have to wait too long though, and it’s most definitely worth it!

    Well, I think I’ve gone on about knitting for long enough. (Sorry… I’m always trying to get people to knit!)

    – Steph

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