Catch Up

The last couple of days have felt really busy.

Tuesday was Mothers birthday, we didn’t really do much for it but it was also a day off for me. I had a good look at my goats for signs of who was pregnant; I only put one in kid last year but Jerald (mothers GG male) did get out once, so I just thought I’d check. Everyone is looking very well, I think if there’s some nice weather at the weekend I’ll try taking them out for a walk.
Mother and me spent a while in the garden putting some garlic and pea plants in that had been started off in paper pots, it was great with my bulb planter, I put the holes and mother dropped the little pots in and then we just pushed the earth back around them.

I made hobnob biscuits and garlic mayo, which were both great and very tastie. Mayo was eaten with chips for dinner.

Other than that, I cleaned out all the quail, there was a lot less feed waste than there has been before I got the new feeders. Now I know which ones are working best I think I’m going to get some more so as everyone can have the same. And cleaned out the chicks who are getting a bit big for the brooder so are going to move into a nice new house soon. Did loads of washing and dried it by the fire, cut loads of wood for the fire and pottered a bit.

Yesterday and today I was at work, on the way home yesterday I bough a load of animal feed

Yesterday I spent a while sitting watching the younger quail, I think have an extra male who is either going to have to be meat or sold, but not sure that anyone is going to want a single male so more likely he’ll be eaten.

Whispa has settle down with her lamb, who is doing fine, Whispa would really like to go out with everyone else but the lamb won’t go out with her so she just stands shouting just outside the polytennel. There were two new lambs, both boys, when I got home from work.

2 responses to “Catch Up

  1. Thanks for dropping by and for your nice comments – thanks for the link too!

    Had to smile – AnnieRose is a screename I’ve used on many a site on the ‘net :0)

  2. alifelesssimple

    She was named after AnnieRose from the Alfie and AnnieRose stories which I use to love when I was little

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